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Example of the textual description of a Step





Naming of this Step from the task point of view

Application Review

(optionally) Association

If not implicitly given by the document or wiki structure, defines the association of this step (process, organizational unit etc.)

Sales Process

(optionally) Special Case of

References a Step, which is a generalization of this Step

Review (in general)


textual description, if applicable references to classes/objects ("things") and their states

there is an unreviewed application at hand, formal: Application[unreviewed]


textual description, if applicable references to classes/objects ("things") and their states

the application is reviewed, formal: Application[reviewed]

if applicable further alternative results

each with textual description, if applicable references to classes/objects ("things") and their states

tha application cannot be reviewed, because it is incomplete


how the Step is carried out. Important: it is not necessarily required to know and describe how to carry out the Step in advance. Specifically, the UBPML is designed to choose the specific kind of carrying out during operation time in several ways or even alternatively manual or by machine. Particularly, some possibilites are:

  • Refinement: the Step is carried out by sequence of SubSteps
  • Specialization: different cases are distinguished, which are carried out differently
  • manual instructions: a precisely defined procedure is given
  • automatic procedure: a service (or similar machine instruction) is given, which carries out the task

in case of zip code region 1234 refer to special case Step 0815, in all other cases invoke procedure "review(application)"


textual description, who is allowed to carry out the Step

all reviewers


textual description, list of responsible persons and their responsibilities, e.g. completion (might be delegated), elaboration and solution finding (executes Step); actors are one of: role, individual (human or machine), organisational unit, group, legal person

reviewer: execution, group leader: completion

Trigger (instantiation of the Step)

textual description, a trigger is often, that the precondition as described unter "basis" is met; but also a timely sequence or a point of time is typical

for each unreviewed application

Time Frame

list of (relative) points of time, e.g. start (earliest), end (latest), progress mark

Completion not later than 2 days after availability of application; warn after 24 hours

Problem States

list of conditions and respective associated problem states

if application incomplete then info state (yellow/green), if not completed after 24 h warning (yellow), if not completed after 2 days error (red)

for Step instances: History

execution trials with respective time marks, problem states and further performance indicators

first review at 2/3/04 failed, second review ok but late

Example of the formaldescription of a Step