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  • What is UBPML?
UBPML is a modelling language for business processes - and that is for application domain ones as well as IT technical ones - and with UBPML both can be described in one and the same integrated model consistently.

  • Is UBPML yet another new thing?
No. UBPML is an extension to the proven standards UML and BPMN, to resolve the tension between application domain issues and technical details.

  • Which problems addresses UBPML?
UBPML allows to create a Single Source Model for both business users and IT people, instead of the usual sperated models, which typically can't be kept consistent in the long run. UBPML models are clear and comprehensbible enough for business users, while being at the same time suffieciently detailed and precise enough with respect to IT technical implementation.Due to loose coupling in UBPML, no oversized top-down design is necessary (no BigDesignUpFront). In addition, UBPML models are able to complete themselves during business operations ('late service binding').

  • How does UBPML work?
UBPML links the purposeful planing level to the control flow coded execution level. The UBPML metamodell is the result of an object oriented analysis of the domain "work and planing". Therefore, in addition to a crisp metamodel and basic terms the full power of object orientation is available to handle complex systems.

  • Now that is far too complex for business users, isn't it?
Not at all. The UBPML/Light concept proofs, that the UBPML structure is based on totally simply principles, comprehensible by everybody, as far as their work is affected. Of course without doubt an enterprisewide process model requires elaborated skills and sound tooling - nevertheless the advantage of UBPML is the ability to integrate all those different facets of a complex model and at the same time shield them naturally from one another.





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