10 Thesen


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  1. Myth: "Business vs. IT"-Infighting (they have no chance)
  2. Myth: Business Process = BPM(N)/EPC = Schrankware
  3. Myth: IT = UML = technical = overly intricate
  4. There's only one reality (and a Single Source Model is better, anyway)
  5. Too simple: Process = Funktion Hierarchy
  6. Flow and Strcuture belong together (Processes and Objects)
  7. Do not hardcode flows (fix controllow as late as possible)
  8. Object Orientation? Object Orientation!
  9. It can't get any easier
  10. Look in the crytal ball: UML (but which version?)

Mit diesen Thesen befaßte sich der Vortrag am 8.12.2009. The speech at 8.12.2009 addressed these theses.

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